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Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Monster Quest, The Werewolf and the Raven

In a previous post regarding the last ever episode of Monster Quest, "Monster Quest and The Werewolf" I made the following comment.

And finally, is it just me, but did anyone else think that playing tapes of wolf howls in the middle of the night in some back wood in the middle of nowhere was not a very sensible thing to do. If there were wolves in the area, and they had heard those tapes, those wolves would have immediately thought that a rival pack was in the area, and would have investigated. Possibly creating a very dangerous situation.

I contacted Raven Meindel, the female investigator featured in the Monster Quest Episode, to ask about this.

Raven Meindel

Hi Raven,...........................one question for you regarding the part in the woods when you were playing recordings of wolf howls. I just wondered if it was a little reckless, seeing that if a pack of wolves were in the area, they may have construed the sounds as a rival pack, and may have attacked believing they were defending their territory.

Was this brought up at the time, and were measures taken to prevent this.

Ms Meindel replied with the following,

To answer your question, we were always under the watchful eye of a professional animal locator/tracker that we trust completely. There was of course an element of danger on the expedition, but never any reckless or irresponsible behavior toward human OR animal.

Too many "investigators" blunder through woods and forests looking for their favourite cryptid, without thinking about the dangers they could possibly face. Not from the cryptids themselves but from other real flesh and blood critters that inhabit these regions. It's good to see that in this case, everyone behaved in a thoroughly professional manner.


  1. Well just because he was "said" to be a professional tracker and animal locator doesn't mean he would know what to do in an emergency situation. I have dealt with these self proclaimed fools for a long time as a hunting guide in Alaska. MQ is full of wanna be professionals and self proclaimed cryptozoologists. Most believe if they wander the wilderness wearing a silly safari hat carrying a flashlight and spending some networks money they are the right person for the job. Some should really go back to writing fashion articles in England or selling their books about things they have never encountered and leave the investigations to those that know how to do it. This is the reason MQ has gone by the wayside as Josh Gates will be the next to follow. You can't keep making shows about a subject matter that has no "REAL" success. IMO

  2. Fair Comment Tg, and I totally agree with the comment about the "self proclaimed cryptozoologists"

    There are two types of cryptozoologists, one group spend most of their time behind their pc, courting the media, aiming to get their fifteen minutes of fame. The other group are out there in the field, getting their hands dirty doing real research. I know which group I'd prefer to be aligned with.