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Friday, 3 December 2010

Correspondance with Adam Davies, leader and organiser of the Orang Pendek expedtion to Sumatra.

I have recieved the following emails from Adam Davies. It appears all is not lost with regards to hair sample retention as Adam seems to be very much on the ball, thank goodness.

He has allowed me pemission to post his comments on this blog.

30th November 2010

Hi Highland Tiger,

I just picked up on the discussion re the Sumatran hair samples today, and I thought it appropriate to reply to your enquiries. I led the expedition to Sumatra, and am happy to confirm that I did indeed keep two of the hair strands back.They are still in my posession.This was precisely to allow further objective scrutiny of the samples. I am always happy to share my research, as far as I`m concerned, the more the merrier!

Best Wishes,
Adam Davies.

I then replied with the following

Excellent news Adam , thanks for letting me know.

With the DNA testing being very ambiguous, ie coming back as human or near human, we cannot rule out contamination of the sample. This leaves us with just the visual hair analysis. I was worried that no-one at the CFZ had thought of either saving a hair or two or at the least keep copies of the microscopic images. This was my issue with Jon, before he threw his toys out of the pram. Personally, I think in the circumstance, that any images of the hairs should be passed on the primate experts. Like you say, the more the merrier, and it can't hurt to get lots of other opinions from other experts regardless of what they conclude.

I'm worried that in the effort to discover evidence to prove an unknown species such as the orang pendek, that the possibilty that an unknown population of orangutans is overlooked. It is obvious these hairs have come from an animal of some description. Even if it does not turn out to be an unknown species, it may turn out to prove the existance of a new population of orangutans. If so, then the world needs to know, I just can't stress how hugely important this would be to orangutan conservation


He again replied,

I do the field research, I am happy for others to draw out conclusions on the subject. Of course, I do have my own views on the subject.If you go to Jon Carlson`s paranomalist blog, you can see my replies to many people who have enquired about the analysis. I also have my own blog-if you tap Adam Davies extreme expeditions into google, and go to the journal section ,you will see it there.I would like to think its an unknown primate,but we will see.Y'know ,since I first began my reserach into the OP about ten years or so ago, and found my first prints with Andy Sanderson, I think that the debate has moved on from whether it exists, to actually what it is,and I would like to think that I have contributed to that, as have all the team members ,over the years, who have come with me.This is of course to take nothing away form either Debbie Martyr or Jeremy Holden, who have spent much more time on it than I. If you are right, so be it, I have no problem at all with that.My biggest motivation is that the area isn't destroyed in my lifetime, and with it, the creature itself, whatever it is.I have seen jungle eradicated in Sumatra to make way for palm oil plantations before. Its simply devastating to see with your own eyes.
I have told Jon Downes that I would be replying to your mail. I am off to London at six in the morning(I live in Manchester),so I am signing of now!

Thank you for that Adam....