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Saturday, 3 April 2010

The Orang Pendek. It looks like we are still waiting for the proof

As most followers of cryptozoological stories will know, Adam Davies took a four man team, including a couple of Centre for Fortean Zoology members, to Sumatra last September to look for the elusive Orang Pendek.

CFZ Sumatra 2009

A creature that most cryptozoologists believe to have the most chance of existing of all the cryptids being searched for.

It is well documented that Dave Archer and local guide Sahar believe they saw the Orang Pendek, it is also well documented that no pictures were taken. However they did find samples of hair, and collected the piece of rattan vine that the animal had been chewing, all in the hope of getting dna of the creature.

Unfortunately but not surprisingly, it appears that experts have been unable to extract any dna from either the hair or the rattan vine. Whatever people think of these type of expeditions, (are they big boys adventure trips or serious scientific efforts), I'm sure everyone had their fingers crossed that some evidence could be found. Sadly in this case, it is not to be. Hopefully the next expedition, whoever it is, has more success.

It is now just left to see, if the CFZ after learning of the failure, send the worlds media a press release announcing the results, similar to the one they released after the expedtion returned announcing the find of hair and rattan vine.

For the record. The CFZ have been involved in twenty one (21) expeditions to various exotic locations worldwide, and I believe, (I'm sure they will correct me if I'm wrong), they have had a zero (0%) success rate in finding any evidence of the creatures they have been searching for.

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  1. this is so interesting, in fact I was looking for some information about a strange creature call it "Nightcrawler" is a urban legend in California, actually there's some videos and prove about the existense of this creature.