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Sunday, 28 March 2010

More Correspondance with Tabitca

As I promised, any correspondance I make or recieve will be posted in full. Everyone is entitled to their views and the decisions they make.

Tabitca said...
Thank you Norm. Probably not TG.They perhaps hope to avoid being sued for libel by remaining anonymous.
I shall the leave comments by highland Tiger for all to see. i will remind them that firstly people who made a complaint over Frank Searle's second book being defamatory should remember at least he had the courage to sign his name.
I dislike cowards but being anonymous does not stop you being sued for libel. I have already contacted a friend who is a judge and his advice says that the provider you post for can be made to give your names with a court order which is easily obtained under current libel laws. I have passed this information onto CFZ should they need it.
As for CFZ not answering your comments, Good for them for raising above it. You obviously want some sort of slanging match. Well trying calling me a few things and I will see you in court, instead of picking on someone with mental health problems.

28 March 2010 00:58

Tabitca said...
A PS you still haven't told us what your academic qualifications are that you can call others out about theirs. You say CFZ haven't replied to your accusations, well you haven't answered my question.

28 March 2010 01:45

Dear Tabitca,

I'd be interested to know which piece of my posts you consider libelous. I am quite an intelligent fellow and I will only post information that I can corroborate with proof.

As I have said on my post, I am not totally anonymous. There are several world famous cryptozoologists who know my identity, (where do you think I get my information from).

Now threats from yourself about suing me, are very strange. I have never said a bad word about you or any other member of your family. Why would I? As far as I can see, you are just some body who posts Crypto related stories online. You have no financial stake in the CFZ nor do you solicite donations to your site. Therefore you are of little interest to me.

And don't try to make Jon seem a poor downtrodden victim just because he suffers from Bi-polar. That is an insult to every other sufferer of Bi-polar who carry on their day to day lives without ever drawing notice to themselves.

I'm sure Jon can stand up for himself without your help.

Finally, you have this obsession with academic qualifications. Why?

Most of the directorate of the CFZ do not have any qualifications of note.

Seeing as NO-ONE has a Cryptozoological qualification, then questions about them are redundant in this topic, I only have only one interest in academic qualifications, and that is when someone indicates they have them, when they don't. (I am not talking about you, but a senior member of the CFZ).

Chill out Tabitca. I have no wish to upset you. But I stand by my claims and challenge the CFZ to deny any of them. Their silence in this is intriguing.

Tabitca said...
Actually if you read the CFZ website properly Mr Freeman does not claim to have a degree only studied at university , that is not the same thing at all, but you would know that if you had studied at university yourself. Many people leave before they finish their studies for many reasons and get awarded certificates or diplomas for the work they have completed. Mr Freeman , I can confirm, did attend university in Leeds.It seems to me you are the one obsessed with other people's qualifications, and you still refuse to divulge your own. If it is not important as you claim then why are you going on about CFZ's qualifications? I think you need to look at yourself carefully here and ask yourself if you need to see a counsellor. I can provide you with the names of some very good ones.

28 March 2010 03:27

The Highland Tiger said...
Dear Tabitca, unfortunately it is only recently that Richard Freeman's bio has been changed on the CFZ site. And only after I contacted Jon about it.

You have to ask just how long they would they have left this "untruth" on their site if I hadn't spotted it.

I will add to the post about our correspondance the proof of my claim, http://cryptozoologythetruth.blogspot.com/2010/03/more-correspondance-with-tabitca.html where you can decide for yourself. You may wish to alter your views of the CFZ then. I'd be interested to hear your views on this.

28 March 2010 05:36

So what is the evidence, well originally on the Weird Weekend 2009 pages, Richard Freeman's bio was as below, (Of course, like most good investigators, I ensured that I saved the offending web page)

And this is what the current bio says..........note the changes and the wording.

As I've said before, I don't make claims I can't back up.

Tabitca said...
I am sorry I couldn't reply to you before I have had computer problems and I hate using my mobile to post as I can't see the keys properly(old age setting in).
Actually FYI getting a degree is called "Congregation" Graduation , if you bother to look it up, means getting almost any qualification,hence you can graduation from school or college and get a diploma in hairdressing or something. you are still a graduate of that institution. My hairdresser has lots of such certificates saying graduate of this or that and is a very good hairdresser.
Should Mr Freeman chose to, he may have already, he can claim his certificates from the university , after the usual checks and payment of a fee.He is still entitled to them for each year he passed. But perhaps he feels he has nothing to prove and why should he? And I repeat at no point in the bios did he say he had a degree. That is your interpretation but not the interpretation of anyone who has any knowledge of a university education. I await with interest to see the "proof" of your other accusations as I have seen none so far.

29 March 2010 01:46

The Highland Tiger said...
Dear Tabitca,

I can certainly sympathise with your PC problems. I too have been having isp troubles, which have only been solved today by joining a new provider. Having to rely on mobile internet dongles is a nightmare.

But I digress. I think we will have to agree to disagree regarding the motives of Mr Freeman and his "qualifications".

You continue to state that anyone who has been to university would be able to ascertain what qualifications Mr Freeman has or doesn't have. That may well be true. BUT, the vast majority of the world have NOT had the pleasure of a university education, and as such would certainly be confused with the original wording. It is those people I am trying to get clarity for.

The fact that the CFZ have listened to my complaint and re written his bio on the CFZ site and wikipedia, means that any ambiguity and possible misleading of the public has been removed.

Therefore my original aim has succeeded, and transparancy has been achieved.

As I have said before, my only wish is to prevent the public from being misled, and that has been done in this case.

With regards to my other claims. These will be covered in future blog posts over the next few months. But I intend to cover plenty of other cryptozoological topics other than just the CFZ. Some of which may just interest you.

I have no interest in "flaming" an organisation just for the sake of it. Only when I feel that the public are being misled.

Even you cannot complain about that.

best wishes


29 March 2010 18:29


  1. Actually it only said after graduation not that he had a degree, you still graduate even if you only get a certificate or a diploma. I think you are just nit picking, as at no point does it say he has a degree.

  2. LOL . I think it is you that is "nit-picking" Tabitca, but you are entitled to your views.

    If anyone reads about someone graduating from University they would assume they had a degree of some sort.

    However even ignoring that point, the first bio claimed he had "graduated", he didn't, he just left, he recieved no certificate, which is why it was corrected in the new profile.

    Anyone can say they "studied" at University, but only a cerificate can prove they learnt anything.

    The inference was there, otherwise there was no need to make any corrections.

    But I thank you for your comments.

  3. Err hello everyday layman here. What was written suggests to most people like me that he completed University and graduated with a degree. Full stop. Sorry but have to agree with HT here that you are breaking it down to try and save credibility where you should just admit it was worng to do that. The other problem I have with the bio is him being one of the only proffesional cryptozooligists. How do you achieve that?