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Wednesday, 31 March 2010

Are the CFZ relaxing their stance

In my previous post about the Kasai Rex, I mentioned that I contacted the CFZ to let them know the background to the Kasai Rex picture they featured.

Although the original post was from Richard Freeman, Alan Friswell has replied on their behalf, http://forteanzoology.blogspot.com/2010/03/alan-friswell-rhino-rex-revealed.html

And surprisingly your truly is given the credit for "discovering the truth". Wonders will never cease, although Alan couldn't resist a little humourous dig at my expense, (I suppose I deserve it), by mentiong that "Finbar" and "Yarriwarrior" were "apparently their real names", when of course we all know that they are their internet monikers.

The fact they mentioned me by name, must stick in the craw of certain people, but at least its a start. I applaud them.

Alan Friswell in the interests of experimentation decided to have a go at producing his own Kasai Rex photograph,

It is a brave effort, but I don't think Finbar has to worry about the competition.

The only question is, just how long will it be before Alan's photograph appears on some creationist site as proof of the existance of living dinosaurs.

I give it a month

Footnote, After posting the above article, I went back to Richard Freemans original post. And I was not surprised that the great fortean theory of synchronicity has reared it's head. A mention of Kasai Rex and the creationists are on it in a heartbeat. AND it didn't even take a month. I note that Phillip O'Donnel a young creationist well known for posting hoaxes on his website as an argument for creationism has posted a comment on the CFZ site. This well meaning home schooled guy has a habit of posting on forums his "evidence" but never replying to questions. A hit and run poster so to speak. Although in this instance he realises the Kasai Rex photo is a fake, his website is littered with similar images.


  1. Hi Highland Tiger.

    Of course you were to be credited for the Kasai pic. The alternatives would have been to steal your 'discovery' and credit it to ourselves, or to let the truth regarding the picture remain undisclosed--at least on the CFZ site.

    Both of these options were of course, untenable, so here we are.

    I was having some fun with the 'names' of the perpetrators, but not at your expense, as I did not imply that you yourself actually believed the names to be 'real'.

    As for my own 'brave effort' to create a Kasai Rex, well I certainly wasn't trying to compete with Finbar, as I described my pic as 'crap'--twice, I believe, and reported--in all honesty--that I only took twenty minutes to cobble it together. I did say, however, that if one was willing to spend a day or so on such an image, then far better results could be achieved, but my only intention was a bit of fun.

    Finbar did indeed create an interesting image, but if he could sculpt his own dinosaurs, then he'd really be dangerous...


  2. LOL

    I too was having a little fun with yourself regarding the names. And my knowledge of photoshop is zero, so any effort would be better than mine by default.

    But in saying that Alan, I can almost guarantee, now that your image is on the web, it will eventually appear on some creationist website.

    A quick google of "finbar" and "cryptozoology" should turn up a few more of his creations.


    Ps, it's nice to see a CFZ member who doesn't hold a grudge. :)

  3. Hi, Highland Tiger.

    Why on earth would I hold a grudge? I have to confess, that I don't really undersatnd what's going on with you and the CFZ.

    The thing is, I'm not a cryptozoologist--in fact, I'm not a zoologist of any sort. My real thing is special effects--I'm actually a stop-motion animator--Ray Harryhausen and all that, which is why I really could create a reasonably decent Kasai Rex, given a bit more time. The fact that I used a picture of Gwangi--I'm sure you know who that is--in my image is a bit of a givaway, perhaps.

    so, although I know the CFZ chaps rather well, I can really be no more than an interested 'spectator' in all this. Have you read any of my CFZ blogs at all? A lot of them refer to dinosaurs and special FX, as those are my real subjects, although I have written about John Keel and John Michell, among other things.

    Perhaps if you see my Rex turn up on a creationist site, you could let me know--I would love to see it.

    PS, I could snd you some pics of my dino-sculptures, if you would be interested.

    All the best,

  4. Hi Alan,

    thanks for the reply, and clarification regarding your association with the CFZ. I am, I must admit a bit of a fan of Harryhousen, and I thought I'd seen that image of yours somewhere, now I remember where from.

    My current situation with the CFZ, stems from a little internet "conversation" I had with Jon regarding the footage he took at Killarney lake. He took exception to my comments, (along with practically everyone else who agreed with me), that the images showed birds nothing more. That was fine enough, until he changed the narrative of the story, with regards to the involvement of serial hoaxer Doc Sheils, when writing about it for the Fortean times. I pulled him up on this, asking why he had done so, and he promptly banned me, (and threatened to ban me on other forums, although how he would do this is unsure). I also pointed out that some of his directorate had inflated their academic qualifications, which again he took offence to, but did change that persons bio on various web sites.

    The CFZ have on several occasions "massaged" the facts, to what benefit they hoped to achieve I'm unsure.

    The CFZ used to be a great organisation, but changes over the last few years have seen its standards slip considerably. Hopefully it changes that in the future.


    ps, I'd love to see some of your model work, feel free to send them to my email address