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Tuesday, 28 September 2010

I have to laugh.............

It appears that Hayley Stevens founder of the WPR/BARSoc, has had plenty to say about the post below. And I did say I would be happy to post details of her reply.

You can read her reply, at


Now I have no problem with her reply, but I find it ironic when she calls the Four-teens "pathetic", (yes I have seen the email Hayley)

And at the same time, in a similar vein to a few CFZ members, who think it is clever to make puns around my nom de plume. The Highland Tiger. She does a similar thing. Some thing that I find both childish and pathetic.

Yes in one small blog from Ms Stevens, I was mentioned as "tiger person", "tiger human person", "Mr Highland Tiger", "Tiger boy (or girl…)",

But, I'll live. I've been called worse.

However Ms Stevens, should have realised that in an aticle on this very blog, I actually praised the WPR regarding their approach to the hairs they found. The thing I failed to understand, was the apparant backtracking and mud slingling that went on within the WPR in the aftermath of the Fortean Times article.

But then it takes all sorts.

So there you have it. You can now read both sides of the argument and decide yourselves regarding the merits of each group.

My own opinion on this is quite clear. Cryptozoology, ghost hunting etc, is, after all mostly done by people as a hobby, with out any airs or graces. Although I have said before that I have never been a member of a cryptozoological or paranormal organisation, if I was forced to choose between joining the "Four-teans", or an organisation with the mouthwatering highfaluting pompous title of "The British Anomalistic Research Society", I think I'd rather join the former.

They'd be much more fun to hang out with.....don't you think!


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