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Monday, 10 May 2010

Is this Bigfoot in Kentucky?

As I have mentioned before, one of the bonuses of doing the survey was getting in contact with groups that I would never have done so otherwise.

One such group is The BigFoot Research Project Kentucky , consisting of just three guys, Chris Bennett, Brandon Lang and John Gray.

Chris contacted me a few days ago to show me an image he took, that he claims is of a bigfoot. Below is the image, along with the email he sent me. The email is unedited and reproduced in full.

More pics and details can be found HERE

Hi This is Chris Bennett over at the BFRPKY.com I thought I'd give you a heads up on the new KY pic being released today. Feel free to use this pic on your nonprofit website. (please remember to list credit for the pic) This is a sample of upcoming releases of information from my current research ongoing in KY. Videos will be out soon as well.

The info being released is from an ongoing study of a small group of creatures in KY. I can't release all the details at this time but I can tell you that this pic is a crop from a larger pic made 03-06-10 by myself while investigating a possible home range territory at an undisclosed location in KY. The pic was captured "by chance" with no real expectations of capturing anything on film that day. The larger 8.1 MP pic shows other "subjects" and is too much to release at this time. Most of the other "subjects" in the larger pic were hiding behind brush anyway so positive identification of them would be ambiguous to the average viewer with no previous knowledge of the area surroundings. This crop shows the only subject "out in plain site". The subject appears to me to be female, however the sex cannot be determined 100% in whole by the pic only so it will probably remain a debate to viewers. I can judge who's female and who's male because I get to see the creatures up very close at times and they have very different "features" between the male and female. My thoughts about this one being a female come from the shape of the head,face and oh yeas, the breasts.
There will also be at least 3 videos upcoming for release to the public. Videos are currently under review by Scientific professionals with an interest in Bigfoot/Sasquatch. The videos will show multiple creatures, a family group, many different sizes and colors. Release date will be decided after all reviews of the material are complete. More than likely, the info of what will be released will be announced in the near future on an upcoming internet radio show "The Squatchdetective" Steve Kull's show as he is also investigating and verifying the info we collect in the field for release.
I send you this info based on your just and honest report of Bigfoot groups. Too many are "for profit" and not "for finding" I'm doing alot of work with these creatures in Ky and completely self financed. It makes me sad to think the guys with all the funding are doing nothing but to continue to look without finding. Because as long as they look, they get paid

Best, Chris Bennett BFRPKY.com

Now I can see what is coming, no doubt there will be comments such as "it's blobsquatch", "I can't see a thing", "its a tree", "it's a man in a ghillie suit" etc etc. And I'll agree, I can't see anything there that shouts bigfoot at me. Although it's certainly enough to pique my interest and wanting to see the other pictures and footage they have.

But that is NOT the point here. It's the circumstances behind this story that interests me. This is a tiny group, of a couple of guys, who recieve no funding from anyone, everything they do comes out of their own pocket. They have a very simple website where they post what they have. Hell, they even have a page that tells you what photographic gear they carry. They don't have a book to sell, they don't plead poverty asking for donations or the group will fold. All they want to do is get out in the field and track these creatures down. To them it's a hobby. A very serious one to them, but a hobby no less. And that's the beauty of this whole case.

We need more people like them, people who are not here to rip others off, people who are prepared to take pictures, no matter how good or poor they are and post them online. People who are prepared to stand by their evidence, and accept the praise or negative comments in equal measures.

I for one, will be keeping an eye on the work of these guys. I'm not 100% believer in bigfoot, I've still to see any evidence that will convert me to being one. But if it does come, I hope it's discovered by groups like these. People with no ulterior motive, other than being the first to crack the case.

Good luck to the BFRPKY, I hope you find what you are looking for

Stop Press - Chris has kindly sent me the full high resolution image, where I have been able to pull this higher quality image crop.


  1. That's a high resolution image?
    Still looks like a blobsquatch to me.
    Sorry but I need something a bit more concrete.

  2. LOL

    If you saw the size of the original picture and how small a part of that this crop shows, you'll realise it ain't bad.

    But I do agree with you, It's still not proof.

  3. How's about this one?


  4. Thanks for the link TG. I had already seen it. My belief the animal is more likely to be a puma. From a distance they would look very similar to a lioness. And the description he gave could just as well describe a puma.

  5. Could be in Michigan, we filmed him in my machinima film, look here

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